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For over 30+ years we have successfully delivered many high quality civil projects on time and on budget.

A number of these have been high profile projects with intense scrutiny from external stakeholders, but the successful delivery of these has given us the strong reputation we have today.

At CPG, our construction team has the fine balance of productivity and precision when it comes to civil projects which all clients expect.


Feature Project - Kew Waste Transfer Station

Location: Kew

Project Value: $3.8M

Contract Type: Construct Only

Kew Waste Transfer station was the fast track construction of a new waste transfer facility servicing the lower area of the Port Macquarie Hastings LGA.

It included site clearing of approx. 10,000m2 of regrowth forest, cut to fill across the site, upgrade of approx. 450m of Herons Creek Rd including a new intersection at the Transfer Station Site, construction of stormwater systems and detention basins, new Transfer Facility building including push pit and garbage compactor, tip office, 2,500m2 of concrete paving and 4,000m2 of hardstand.

The project was delivered defect free in 19 working weeks from commencement on site.

Feature Project - TCMP Town Square Upgrade

Location: Port Macquarie

Project Value: $2.5M

Contract Type: Construct Only

The TCMP Town Square Upgrade Project was the revitalisation and upgrade to an existing section of Port Macquarie’s CBD.

Works included the demolition and removal of existing trees, carparking, footpaths and seating areas and replacing with new contemporary surfaces and features such as honed concrete, bluestone paving and bespoke bench seating over known and potentially unknown items of historical significance.

Works included new strip drains to remove all kerbs and gutter to make it more suitable for hosting community events and a new catenary light system.

Communication with the community and surrounding stakeholders was critical for the successful delivery of this project.


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